YEASTS - Yeast´s growth in microgravity
  1. 2001 • 4th ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign
Life Sciences:
  • Biology
Patrik Sundblad
L. Fabbricotti (1), M. Gabaldo (1), G. Malventi (1), L. Occhipinti (1)
University of Pisa
Faculty of Engineering
Via Diotisalvi, 2
56100 Pisa

The objective of this biology experiment is to determine the influence of microgravity on yeast´s growth. The results will be useful in the perspective of producing medicinals or simply levitated food on orbit.

We will investigate basically the variation of pressure and of pH during yeast´s growth. We will have 30 test tubes per flight containing yeast and flour (which is yeast´s food). During the 1g phase one of us will insert the water inside the tube with a proper injection system. At the begin of the 0g parabola the other one will turn on the heater which will bring the temperature inside the tube at a variable temperature between 40 and 50 C. After that we will wait a few seconds (usually fourteen) to complete the reaction and will read pressure value on a voltmeter. PH measure will be done optically with a universal liquid titrator on the ground at the end of the flight. 

All information can be found at the internet site: http://yeasts.cjb.net

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